Conventional Hotel Loyalty Points Only Lose Value

Rampant global inflation and unprecedented industry consolidation means that conventional hotel loyalty points are worth less and less every passing day.

Rules, Restrictions, & Resentment

Blackout Dates

Most hotel loyalty programs block award redamations for the most desirable travel dates throughout the year.

Blocked Inventory

Just because there is a room remaining does not mean you can book it… if you are trying to pay in points.

Slow & Complex

Earning status in most hotel loyalty programs is not only confusing, but also requires some serious patience. 

Antiquated Tech

Most hotel loyalty programs are built on decades-old technology & infrastructure leading to constant glitches & outages.

Travelers Have Had Enough

Entire communities of frustrated travelers, such as, have sprung up in recent years for points enthusiasts to commiserate over program devaluations and service failures.

Read Their Grievances