An Elevated
Returns Company

RSRV is a subsidiary of Elevated Returns LLC, a global real estate firm that is leading the development of the security token market. Elevated Returns’ objective is to build a borderless marketplace for Real Estate investments that would be accessible to all, transparent, cost efficient and liquid. To achieve this, it is building a full digital Real Estate ecosystem based on the blockchain technology in order to allow anybody, anywhere and anytime to interact with the asset class.

Stephane De Baets

RSRV is led by Stephane De Baets, a Belgian investment, real estate, and hospitality entrepreneur. He is founder and president of the international asset management firm Elevated Returns, which controls the Aspen St. Regis Resort in Aspen, Colorado and other commercial properties in the United States, Europe, and Southeast Asia.

De Baets is a pioneer in blockchain-based real estate investing. Through his firm Elevated Returns, he facilitated the first major commercial real estate transaction using blockchain technology to sell ownership stakes in the Aspen St. Regis Resort.